Sea-Change Your Life

Are you all at sea?

Has the wind gone out your sails? Does life leave you feeling like a fish out of water? Is your business be-calmed, or has your ship hit troubled waters? Do you feel stuck on the strait & narrow? Are relationships more like ships that pass in the night? Do feel that you’ll achieve your dreams about the same time as the seas run dry?

 Maybe you’re ready for a sea-change… maybe you’re ready for Your Sea Change Coach.

 With Your Sea Change Coach, it’s like having a Navigator to help draw-up your life chart, a Dive Buddy who makes sure you see all the great stuff, and a First Mate who helps weather any storms… all rolled into one.

 You’ll learn: to “sea” your perfect life; where you currently tie yourself up in knots & how un-tie them; changing gear from tug-boat to speedboat; and about harnessing your inner tidal energy for success & fulfillment.

 If you want to chart your own course, dive-in with both feet, reach open water, push the boat out, catch the trade winds, make waves, and feel that life’s a breeze, … then your ship has just come in.

All at Sea

  • Best if you’re not sure what you want, or what makes you happy… and if you want a quick-start to upgrading your life
  • 1 Beach-Brain-combing Day

Fishing Net

  • Ideal for when you know what you want, but you’re unsure how to get it, or if it’s possible for you
  • 12 brain-combing sessions by Skype/phone
  • 3 months

Whale of a Time

  • Just right for changing two or more major things in your life or business, when that feels challenging
  • 26 brain-combing sessions by Skype/phone
  • Coaching support line
  • 6 months


  • Perfect if you want significant life or business change – not just for now, but for the rest of your life
  • 52 Brain-combing sessions by Skype/phone
  • Coaching support line
  • 12 months

Message in a Bottle

You want change in your life, but you want to know more about me before deciding if I’m person who can help you get it? Get my Message in a Bottle: tips for sea-changing your life.